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Studio Candor

Twilight Navy Undies Set

Twilight Navy Undies Set

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Introducing our Comfy Long sleeve and Undies Set with marrowed edges at the sleeves and hemline, which adds a subtle yet fashionable touch enhancing the overall aesthetic of the top. The epitome of cozy relaxation and effortless style. Whether you're lounging at home, hitting the gym, or simply enjoying a casual outing, this set is designed to meet your comfort and style needs.

Available in a range of five captivating colors: The Twilight Navy, making it a classic choice for any occasion.

*NB please note that the light blue contrast stitching on the underwear is now a navy blue thread to blend in with the colour of the fabric. We have done this because the way the light blue threading on the inside of the undies looks with a accent colour is appears messy when sewn into the elastic. Changing it was a design choice made by our head designer, purchasing this product means you understand the contrast stitching is navy not light blue. 

Models wears size XS.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fatima Holliday
Comfy and Cute

The top fits me perfectly and allows me to move freely. Big win. While the undies are a good cut and a snug fit :)

Nicole Nel
Soft, sexy & the only kind of undies you’ll ever need

As someone with incredibly sensitive skin, it’s so tough finding undies that are 100% pure cotton but still make me feel good and confident while wearing it. With Studio Candor’s 100% cotton promise, and delicious designs, it’s not hard to understand that this is my fifth pair of Candor undies (with the sixth pair ordered after buying this set!). The feel, breathability and durability of these garments are absolutely something everybody NEEDS to experience. I can highly recommend grabbing yourself this gorgeously comfy set!